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Carole, breeder of the tiniest adult miniature donkeys of France welcomes you!
is the reference website of the real miniature donkey from the smallest lineage of donkeys in the world.

Our breeding is located in Gascony in south-west of France, at the foot of the Pyrenees, superb tourist region near Toulouse, Lourdes and Auch in Gascony, famous for its live, its good food and for the seriousness of its farmers . is dedicated entirely to promoting the exceptional miniature donkey. You can find in our herd the first and unique spotted jack with blue eyes of France, and the smallest spotted jennet in Europe (under 70cm adult). A line of small adult females of all colors which height ranges from 65.5 to 78 cm is also part of our breeding. reproduce in a high quality. offers baby donkeys of all the colors, from the ivory through spotted with blue eyes, the traditional pie, gray-dun with the  cross of St André, the black and brown and of course in the smallest height and good conformation.

The donkey is our passion. The donkey is wonderful and full of qualities. The donkey is gentle and patient with children, it fits easily into a family and can be used in certain cases of therapist. The miniature donkey can change your life forever, it eliminates the stress and hello happiness. The miniature donkey is a pet by excellence.

We welcome you to visit our donkeys by appointment. Our little balls of love expect you to receive lots of hugs.

Some photos...

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